Air Conditioning Systems (Course 750)

About The Course

This course provides an introduction to the maintenance requirements of split-system air conditioning units. Candidates gain the knowledge and skills needed to perform the most commonly-occurring firstline maintenance tasks on these systems so that they can inspect them for damage and functionality, clean them, maintain them and recognise when an engineer needs to be called out.

Course Participants

Building services staff, caretakers, and those responsible for maintenance of hospitals, schools etc. are ideally suited to this course. No prior air conditioning knowledge is required.

Course Presentation

Candidates are given the opportunity to investigate all of the major components of a split system air conditioning unit, and to practice some of the first-line maintenance tasks. As with all of the courses we provide, the emphasis is on safety with plenty of hands-on practical work.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course, participants will be able to

  • understand the safety precautions concerning the use, handling and disposal of refrigerants.
  • state the impact of CFCs and HFCs on the environment
  • understand the principles of air conditioning systems
  • recognise the major components used in split system air conditioning systems
  • carry out routine inspections of filters and understand the need to maintain hygiene and system efficiency
  • demonstrate an understanding of the F-Gas regulations
  • state the methods of leak detection
  • understand the terminology used within split system air conditioning systems
  • describe what is meant by ‘Superheated’ and ‘Subcooled’ liquids
  • understand how to use a digital thermometer to check the correct functioning of a split system air conditioning unit.

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