Subsea Engineering


Corrosion and Materials (Course 240)

About The Course

It is crucial for engineers and technicians to be knowloedgable in material and structural stability especially in an offshore environment. This Course is designed to provide a basic understanding of offshore material selection for subsea applications and how to combact the effects of corrosion.

Course Participants

No prior structural and material knowledge is required. This course is suitable for all engineering and non-engineering practictioners

Course Presentation

The course is presented in an interactive form with scenario-based exercises, it uses variety of media to enhance learning including photos, graphics, animations, video, physical samples and question-and-answer sessions

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course, participants will be able to

  • Identify various material types for the offshore and subsea environment
  • Identify the various criteria for material selection
  • Identify the various material properties, testing and degradation
  • Identify the various corrosion types and their effect on materials and systems
  • Identify the various factors affecting flow conditions and corrosion
  • Identify the various types of coating, their applications and selection criteria

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