Machine Maintenance For Operators (Course 730)

About The Course

This course provides operators with the basic engineering skills necessary to perform routine product line changes and maintenance tasks, including the removal and replacement of components, cleaning, lubrication and inspection.

Course Participants

Line operators with little or no engineering skills who wish to take on the responsibility of primary asset care. Operator asset care is the key to reduced downtime and a decrease of emergency repair work by the maintenance team. The course was developed to provide technically competent operators with a real sense of ownership of their production assets.

Course Presentation

The course format is very much ‘hands on’ - the emphasis being on development of sound practical skills within the context of safe working practices.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course, participants will be able to

  • understand the principles of and apply safe working practices to routine maintenance
  • understand the importance of correct alignment of motor shafts, pulleys, belts and chains
  • understand machine manufacturer’s recommended routine maintenance tasks
  • select appropriate hand tools and use them correctly and safely
  • recognize faulty/worn components
  • remove and replace components that require cleaning, lubrication and/or inspection
  • identify basic faults
  • adopt a logical approach to fault finding.

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