Maintenance of Plumbing Systems (Course 740)

About The Course

Estates departments responsible for the upkeep of the services of buildings used as office blocks, hospitals and universities etc, often seek to improve the department’s overall effectiveness by extending the range of skills possessed by their maintenance personnel. This course is specifically designed to provide non-mechanical specialists with the skills needed to carry out first-line mechanical maintenance on low pressure hot water (LPHW) heating systems, hot and cold water services, and drainage systems – together with associated pipe-work, pumps, valves and other ancillary equipment.

Course Participants

Estates or maintenance personnel of all kinds will benefit from this course. No prior knowledge is assumed.

Course Presentation

The emphasis throughout is on the practical application of skills necessary to deal effectively with first-line maintenance tasks. Comprehensive course notes are provided.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course, participants will be able to

  • apply safe working practices and meet relevant regulative requirements when working with mechanical building services
  • understand different types of LPHW system
  • diagnose faults on LPHW systems
  • carry out bending of copper tube
  • correctly assemble and tighten compression joints
  • correctly fabricate soldered pipe-work joints
  • remove and replace radiators, radiator valves and taps
  • dismantle thermostatic mixer units and replace defective parts
  • correctly recharge pressure vessels
  • make joints in PVC soil piping using either solvent or ‘O’ ring type joints.

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