Pneumatics (Course 660)

About The Course

This course provides maintenance personnel and production operators etc. with the skills and knowledge necessary to carry out maintenance tasks on pneumatic and electro-pneumatic systems such as packaging machineries, medical equipment, Pharmaceuticals etc.

Course Participants

Suitable for anyone who is required to maintain industrial pneumatic systems such as Food and beverage industrial equipment, Assembly systems, Metal-cutting and forming machine tools etc. No prior knowledge of pneumatic or electrical principles is necessary.

Course Presentation

A practical approach is taken throughout this course with participants gaining valuable ‘hands-on’ experience on training equipment utilizing industry-standard components designed to simulate industrial systems. Comprehensive course notes are provided.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course, participants will be able to

  • understand the need for safe isolation and be able to apply safe working practices when working with pneumatic and electro-pneumatic systems
  • demonstrate relevant underpinning knowledge (units, pressure, forces, etc)
  • identify, inspect, adjust and replace:
    • sensors (pneumatic valves and electrical switches, proximity sensors and switches)
    • valves (air and solenoid operated, sequence, directional control)
    • actuators (cylinders and rotary)
    • AND / OR elements, relays, timers, flow controls and quick exhausts
  • use visual indicators and manual overrides to check operation of components
  • carry out repairs to pneumatic systems, replace fittings, plastic pipe-work, etc
  • use pneumatic circuit drawings as an aid to systematic fault-finding
  • understand how PLCs are interfaced and used to control pneumatic systems.

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