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Systems Engineering (Course 250)

About The Course

This course address systems engineering as it is understood and practised by high-performance enterprises worldwide. Our Systems Engineering training provides an integrated approach to the set of management and technical disciplines which combine to optimize system effectiveness, enhance project success and reduce risk. Ways of achieving corporate objectives, e.g. time to market, cost of goods sold, product quality, military objectives, is a constant theme throughout the course. The model based approach employed by this course have been well proven in various areas such as Subsea, aeronautics, software development etc.

Course Participants

This course is suitable for engineers, technical team members and management personels

Course Presentation

The course is presented in an interactive form with scenario-based exercises, it uses variety of media to enhance learning including photos, graphics, animations, video, physical samples and question-and-answer sessions

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course, participants will be able to

  • Understand the overall concepts which are characteristic of a systems approach to engineering
  • Understand the overall process elements, and their relationships, which collectively constitute the building blocks of systems engineering
  • Understand and be able to relate the roles of developer as supplier, developer as creator and developer as acquirer, and to place their own roles, and those of their customers (internal and external) and suppliers (internal and external) within this framework
  • Perform the basics of some of the more important techniques of system requirements analysis, development of physical solution, development of logical solution, evaluation of solution alternatives (trade-off studies) and design iteration
  • Understand the principles and major techniques of engineering management in a systems project context
  • Tailor the application of the systems engineering principles and methods to different application scenarios

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