Welding (Course 790)

About The Course

The Welding Skills course is focused on individual company’s requirements. This course is provided on-site and is designed to provide candidates with the ability to produce welds safely and to industry standards.

Course Participants

The course is aimed at supervisors, technicians, maintenance engineers and any personnel involved in equipment maintenance. The course is designed for candidates with some welding experience, although it can be customized to suit all skill levels.

Course Presentation

Classroom-based training is provided so that candidates understand the type of welding applications required by their employer. The course advocates the industrial health and safety best practices. The course incorporates an intensive practical section on welding. Candidates are provided with comprehensive course notes, describing welding best practices and other essential information.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course, participants will be able to

  • describe the dangers of fumes, gases and radiation when welding
  • understand the mechanical hazards and dangers of over-exposure to noise
  • correctly use appropriate PPE for welding
  • use welding equipment safely, in compliance with Safe Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • describe the various commonly-used welding joints
  • set up an arc welding machine correctly
  • weld T, Butt and Lap joints
  • employ the appropriate welding process (MIG, TIG, or Stick, as appropriate to employer’s needs)
  • weld to an acceptable standard in line with the company’s requirements
  • recognize common welding faults
  • understand how safety can be compromised by poor weld quality
  • test completed welds.

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