Well Engineering

ESP System
ESP Test Image


We help our clients to maximize the value of their ESP wells with greatly reduced intervetion costs and full bore access to the reservoir while minimizing lost production/down time.

Our offerings includes retrievable and non-retrievable ESP systems:

Retrievable ESP
  • Lightweight, high power density motor
  • One fifth the weight and length of most conventional motors
  • Three to six times power output of equivalent size motor
  • Slick line retrievable & re-installation, no rig required
  • Full bore access for stimulation, clean-out, zonal isolation, and other operations
  • Small operational footprint
  • Minimal lost production
  • Slick line Lubricator provides live well intervention
Conventional ESP
  • Downhole Monitoring Equipment - Permanent gauges, Downhole Gauges, Gauge carriers, etc.
  • Wireline Retrievable Side Pocket Surface Read-Out Permanent Downhole Monitoring System
  • Downhole Monitoring Installation & Support
  • Project & Interface Management
  • Data Management and Interpretation- Field Decline Analysis, Interference Tests, Welltest Interpretation, etc
  • Slimhole production logging tools for wireline and slickline deployment